Wednesday, December 30, 2009


If you have ever been able to visit, you know that Steve and I like to let our guests hold our baby. But it is a challenge, because Sammy does not like to let you hold our baby. Before you get a chance to have us offer a hold, he'll already be in my ear asking for her. If you get close to her with intentions of taking a baby, he'll ask you if he can hold her first. If you think you're pretty hot stuff and actually take your chance to hold her, he will hover around you, kissing her, touching her and saying, "Can I hold her? Because she is MINE." You will feel highly uncomfortable with saying 'no' and not quite know what to do. We will call him over and ask him to stop ... but he is a slippery little thing and will find some other way to pester you.

Until he gets what he wants.


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I see through it a noble heart that wants to protect his little sister.

Tom Richards