Sunday, September 27, 2009

New additions

A little update to catch myself up on what we've been doing around here.

In August, we had the new addition of a three year old. Silas had a birthday. Four big cousins and one wonderful grandpa happened to be here on the occasion. Si was delighted with his party, but refused to claim big boy status until the following month when he condescended to wear underwear. That has been wildly successful and we aren't allowed to call him "little" anymore. His mom is just fine with the new addition of "unnerwear" as she knows that more diapers will be newly added soon.

Turning three means you get to go to a class at church, instead of the nursery. He is thrilled to be joining his very own "tass". His Sunday School teacher commented to me that he seems to be quite a compliant child. Funny she should mention it. After all, she had Sammy before she had Si. Oh, wait ....

We have another new addition here. No, not the baby. No, not the house. It's the boys' new big brother. Well, that's what we call him. He's the nephew in the back/middle of Si's bday picture. Ariel moved in with us a little over a week ago and we are privileged to have him here! (whisper) he. does. dishes.

Missing in the picture is Jake, who was able to travel to England with my parents at that time.

Here's a shot of another of our new additions. This one IS the house. It's taken a lot of time and energy, but we are thankful every day that Steve decided not to contract it himself. The end is beginning to be in sight. Please tell our contractor that it better be before another new addition's due date; you know the baby sister!

Our annual trip (and much needed rest) at the Bend Fire cabin on Elk Lake wasn't nearly as full of frogs this year as it was full of these:

Steve took the boys on their yearly backpack trip. They had a great time together and came back home full of memories and plans to one day hike the Pacific Crest Trail. The big boys are hoping Sammy becomes more diligent in the hiking department. He was sooooooooooooooo slow.

Pokey and his puppy.
Any new additions at your house?