Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Will Not Be Afraid

There they are ... hollering "Fear Not!" They were a great bunch of children and we had a really fun week with them. I might have looked like a complete goofball as a pregnant songleader, but I survived the hit to my pride. And for the first time ever I think I actually did this without a little one who needed mommy. Even Super Tired Silas (falling asleep on his leader) didn't beg for me when I was up on stage.

Our church day camp includes getting regularly soaked, making actual art for crafts (instead of the suggested ones) and ending with a killer carnival.

In addition to the kind of fun which we can find at the fair or the park, I'm pretty picky about what you can't find just anywhere; accuracy to the Bible in the songs and content. This year, the curriculum we chose needed a few revisions, but in all honesty it wasn't too bad. The core message was lack of fear. I was thinking about that and realized that children really do live in fearful times. Studies show that children are quite afraid of terrorists, melting glaciers, being kidnapped, tsunamis and lost polar bears.

Even our freshly turned 3 year old has his little bitty fears. He is scared of Zartog on Space Chimps, drowning in our pool, being thrown in the air (and avoids all people he knows will do it), ....

But I was reading this morning and saw this loved verse, "... free those who through fear of death ..." There's more to it, way more. But it's that part that caught my eye. Freed from the results of fearing death. Pretty much all our fears have to do with some form of death or pain. They can trap us. Maybe we won't fly in airplanes, visit dangerous places or live in the "wrong" part of town. We might not even let our child walk on a waist high railing or climb trees.

If we go up the page a couple lines from that verse we see that Jesus died to take away the power of death from the real live devil. The power that death has over us is GONE. Believing that Jesus actually died to take away death - it makes us know-know-know that we need not fear. We should be fearless. Smart, but fearless.

Does that mean I don't wonder if Steve will get trapped in a fire? I do. Do I have to remind myself that we are guided by God and nothing will happen apart from his plan? I have to do that, too.

But, the next time you see Eli up a tree ...