Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playing catchup

Two year olds bring a lot of joy and mess. Silas has been such a delight. Being number four, we've known how quickly time flies with these little ones. (Jake just turned 10 and we've passed the halfway mark of our time with him in the house!) Here is Silas making a mess while cleaning up.

Silas has been a super late talker. Having been evaluated for speech, it was determined that the German in the home is enough to delay him. When we ask if he wants to read some books, he is just as likely to fetch us an English book as a German one. But this advancement hasn't yet translated to other areas such as potty training ... here, he just doesn't seem to know what to do with that potty seat.
But he is quite skilled with the butter knife when mom isn't looking.

Si's big brother, Sammy, turned 5 this winter and learned how to wink.

Silas moved into a big boy bed with Sam. Steve built a "rustic" bunk for them. We put all four boys in one room for some nutty reason. It's actually working quite well for the time being.

Enjoy those little ones of yours!