Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blue River

Swimming across the river

Bridge jumping


Cousins, cousins, cousins ... 25 to be exact

The annual Vossler campout; not to be missed, even if it does occur so close to departure day. Those nieces and nephews that I inherited from Steve's family are always up for fun. They find great places to launch off into the water and create fun wherever they go. We tried seaweed and lychees, had camp church, experienced Uncle Peter's tricks and candy games, .... and it rests every mommy's heart to know her children are swimming with trained lifeguards. It was great to see everyone and to rest up before our last push. We are now packing and tying up loose ends. 10 days before we drive out of here!

Here is Jake at a great jumping off spot in a 3 second video.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Boys Go Backpacking

If you are a Vossler boy, turning four years old holds a very special privilege, going on the annual backpack trip. Sammy turned four years old this year and was included in this year's trip. He loved it!!!

Sammy felt pretty important carrying his own backpack which included a sleeping bag and a few clothes. Each boy came equipped with their own whistle and the older boys carried their own matches and fire starters (pretty exciting, huh?!).

Even Amos carried his own weight! We hiked a mile and a half into Blow Lake, which would have been better named Mosquito Lake. The boys kept themselves busy keeping wood on the campfire (ie. playing with the fire), swimming and throwing rocks down the large rock slide that we were camped below. Only one backpack was knocked over by a stray careening rock and yes, only a few minor flesh wounds were obtained!

Home sweet home!!! This was a great trip of bonding for us all. I was truely blessed as my boys said repeatedly throughout the trip "dad...I love you". It is a reminder that you can take "home" with you wherever you go.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Si

To our dear little Silas on your second birthday.
We love watching your little ways.
  • Stuffing straws in the dishwasher vents (dishwashers have vents!)
  • Packing all your toys under your crib after stuffing all your toys with toys
  • Filling the bench full of household items
  • Your smile all crooked and cute
  • Trotting behind your big brothers
  • Finding any chance to get dirty
  • Proudly saying, "Tschuss!" just the way Daddy taught you
  • Hiding your sippy cups in places your brothers never did
On this day two years ago, you surprised us so much. Your brothers were all late arrivals, and we didn't expect you two weeks early. Every last baby item was in the attic. The clothes, the cradle, the carseat, ... really ... everything. You should have seen your momma wandering the house, aimlessly, wondering what to do first before heading to the hospital.
All our little fellas were born after lunch. You didn't break that mold, but you blessed me by being different from those brothers. You were little. I will always thank you for that. May you always cause such little trouble.
For late night snuggles, reading well-loved board books, playing chase,
Happy Birthday, Si.
Love Mommy