Saturday, October 17, 2009

Little bits

Sammy got his first taste of an organized sport this fall. He was on a kindergarten soccer team with his best friend and really, really loved it. Today was his last game. But he has already located an ad in our paper for indoor soccer lessons and is begging for those.

When he grows up, Sammy wants to be a firefighter like Daddy. As far as we can ascertain, this is because the fire stations have a stash of red licorice. But having the building going on all summer around here has added a lot more to his career aspirations. He calls his new career "Worker". This includes all the aspects of building - from concrete to electrical to grout. He gets all dressed up, goes outside and knocks on our front door. He has arrived for work. Silas usually joins in.

When not working, these two are usually dismantling my couches. It never fails that they spread the cushions everywhere at the same time that I need to sweep. That means I not only need to sweep, but I need to vacuum the couches ... again.

And, we can't forget the first day of school ---------------- for our nephew. I can't believe I didn't actually take first day of school pictures of my four boys! They were dressed in their most ragged clothes and so I meant to make them change and get photographed later in the day. I should have caught them while dirty. That's real.

Silas calls these his "babies" or his "boys" (just like I refer to them all as "my boys"). He has quite an array. The baby doll, courtesy of some dear friends, is his favorite. He takes pretty good care of them all. They are always covered up at night. And he only peed on the baby doll once. Little sister better watch out. Speaking of her, only four weeks to go!