Monday, November 23, 2009

A little something

I've had this little draft sitting in my posts for a long time. So I'll use it. Here are some pictures of Miriam when she was one or two weeks old. I'd have to look in my files to see and since she came down with her first cold this morning, I'm not taking time to do it.

Miriam has been a perfect joy to all of us. She is loved by everyone and snuggled and overly smothered with kisses and hugs and holds by the two youngers. They are all quite patient with her if she cries. Sammy asks anyone who is holding her, "Can I hold her? Because she is MINE." And Silas repeats over and over again, "Tan I hol' him? Tan I hol' him?"

A little sleep smile that was the precursor of all the real smiles we are getting these days. Miriam is a very social little girl. She seems to have smiled and cooed earlier than any of the other babies. She prefers to be held nearly 24 hours out of each day. Plenty of us here are happy to comply.
Steve took three weeks off work when Miri was born. It was just right to keep me from getting as sick as I have with our first three babies. We also had a lovely Christmas as a family. The addition has reached a relaxing point now that our carpet was placed two days before Christmas. The boys are moved into their rooms. The things that remain aren't on a time deadline other than me wanting to park the van in the garage again.
We're spending this week playing with our family Christmas gift ... ping pong ... and doing cleaning and organizing. It would also be nice to have a few days where chores and breakfast are all completed by 8:30 before next week arrives and school begins again.


Jacci said...

Congratulations, Brooke! I came over to your blog from the CM Moms of Many group. Your new little one is just beautiful. Praise the Lord for His sweet blessings to you and His great grace. We are all happy for all of you!

Jacci in Ohio

Christy, the Notable Blogger said...

Brooke, I had to leave a note here to tell you your daughter is just beautiful! I love the last picture in this post! It is truly precious.

Thanks for sharing this news on the CM Moms group. God's richest blessings!

Christy B. in NV