Saturday, July 25, 2009

I thought Violet

I thought Violet was supposed to be a bad example! Do you remember Violet from the old "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"? The one who endlessly chewed gum and stored it behind her ear?

Eli thought that was a marvelous idea. In spite of my protests, I see him walking past me now and then with a wad of pink or green flashing out from behind an ear. Even though it's been going on for some time, I still do a double-take at each sighting.

I discovered yesterday that it seems he always uses the same ear. Due to all the dirt from our addition excavation (the boys play in it as endlessly as Violet chewed gum), Eli's gum location has collected dirt. At some point in time, gum obviously stayed stuck. Now there is a small, disgusting spot of caked on gum and dirt behind his ear lobe.

How in the world do you remove that? I'll take any ideas I can. Because it looks really gross.

In other news, we are doing our best to kick what appears to be a resistant strep from our family with our church day camp looming on Monday (and two parents in charge of various parts of that camp). And the last thing I want is to have Jake end up with strep. After all, he leaves shortly for a two week trip to England to visit my brother and family with my parents. That would be a much bigger bummer than Eli's gummed ear.

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Dan and Regan Peterson said...

The waterless soap mechanics use works really well on hard to remove gum, otherwise peanut butter does the trick!