Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's possible Silas gets more than his fair share of blog exposure, but when you're two years old (three in a few short weeks!) - it's fair.

These are from earlier this spring when Silas joined me in my bed with a little treat. I decided to remain and enjoy the show. His little treasure entertained him for more than an hour.

I present to you, "Beeto".

Beeto had a happy life. Beeto lived in a little, yellow, Lego boat with Lego men. It was also a busy life. Everything out, everything in; over and over again. I most enjoyed watching Silas as he carefully fitted the Lego men into the boat and then had to search around for where Beeto had gotten himself in the ensuing time. Beeto never escaped while in his slippery home. Here's a slightly blurry picture of Home Sweet Beeto Home.

Beeto seems to make his appearance almost daily. (Don't tell Silas they aren't all the same Beeto) In fact, Beeto has been a joy for all of our little boys. One of our favorite poems stars Beeto, called "Forgiven" .
Chatting with Silas is a joy for us. Ever since he decided English was his primary language and began speaking it (thus stopping his screaming), his little voice left behind its raspy sound and I still melt whenever I hear it.
43 seconds for your enjoyment, if you so wish:


Jill said...

Adorable! Joseph had me play it for him since it starred legos :)

Spinneretta said...

LOL love the Legos ;)

molly said...

A.DOR.A.BLE.!!!! :)

jerseyhousewife said...

Beeto on boat. :) Don't you just love your life?