Friday, September 5, 2008

We're in the air

Our flights went virtually flawlessly apart from the usual issues of traveling with children. As to be expected, there came a point where the novelty of flying and the reality of being stuck for hours on end in a small space came head-to-head. During a period of exhaustion Sammy was heard to whine, "Mooooooooom, you said I couldn't cry, you didn't say I couldn't whiiiiiiiine."
You should have seen Steve's face as he tried to juggle sitting with Silas and Sammy during dinner on Austrian Airlines. Each tray came with approximately twenty items which Silas was in constant danger of knocking over, while Brooke peacefully ate her dinner with Jake & Eli and watched a movie. The tables were turned when Brooke packed three boys and herself for the NIGHT into three seats while Steve stretched out with Si.
Apart from tired children, tight spaces, orange juice spilling on Jake's clothes, Silas stuffing brownies into his shirt, shuffling through the Vienna airport with a couple long trains of luggage, a taxi cab driver who just came short of jumping on our luggage to get it into the trunk of his car, everything went great! For this we give thanks to God our precious Father who prepared our way perfectly.


Spinneretta said...

Well I am glad you made it safely :) I cant wait to see pictures of Austria ;)

Dee Ann said...

Pleeeeease come to Charleston when you get back! :) Those boys are irresistible!

molly said...

There's Jake and mini-Jake! And their brother Sammy. ;)