Friday, September 12, 2008

New Things Part 1

It's legal here (you understand that if you live in Bend)... almost expected ... that you would hang your clothing to dry. I did it to be romantic. The other loads have gone into the dryer for the 2 more Euros it costs where we live. Not that I'm doing a lot of laundry - you don't change clothes every day here. (The boys wear their play clothes for quite some time). My neighbor here told me that they can spot Americans by the fact that they have new pants on every day. So, because I don't always love household chores, I've joined them. And I have much less laundry. If you see us in the same clothes all the time when we return, you can know that we are oh-so-European now. And if I get a clothesline, watch out homeowners. Oh wait, we live in the Deschutes River Woods ... hee hee ... Well, if I get a clothesline, I'll just hang it between all the old cars in my backyard. (sigh) It's so hard to keep up with the neighbors out there. [Dear Neighbors ... I don't mean your place.]

The boys' room: I love the yellow comforters. Our bedroom has two of these beds for our very own Fred & Wilma set-up. Speaking of us ... Steve & I celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Guess what we get to do in the mornings? Steve and I trade off taking our morning run through the vineyards. Isn't it phenomenal? The smell of grapes is delicious and it is completely peaceful. I miss my running partner (Hi Joy) ... but you can't beat this!

Did you know that Eli temporarily has glasses? We only just obtained them before we left. He apparently has a focusing problem that can be fixed, and it begins with three months of these. This should help his reading and his headaches. And maybe, just maybe, he'll even be able to play his Gameboy for longer periods of time. (smirk)


Spinneretta said...

he looks cute:)
Love the washing line!

Summer said...

Happy Anniversary! Your little place looks adorable and I'm glad you are enjoying your experience.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vosslers!! Thanks for sending the link to your blog. Looks like you are having a great time. Tell the boys Spot shed. I tried to get a picture but by the time I found the camera, the skin was off. Do you call it skin? Have you ever noticed Spot wiggles his tail like a rattle snake before he pounces on the crickets? He's so cute!

Guess what? We are now a family with three lizzards. Terry came home with 2 bearded dragons this week. They are cute and in their own cage. Thanks a lot!

We love you guys and will keep looking on your blog!

The Steckman's

molly said...

You came through with the photo of cutie patootie Eli and his new specks! :)

The photo of the vineyard is gorgeous!! What a fun place to run!