Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blue River

Swimming across the river

Bridge jumping


Cousins, cousins, cousins ... 25 to be exact

The annual Vossler campout; not to be missed, even if it does occur so close to departure day. Those nieces and nephews that I inherited from Steve's family are always up for fun. They find great places to launch off into the water and create fun wherever they go. We tried seaweed and lychees, had camp church, experienced Uncle Peter's tricks and candy games, .... and it rests every mommy's heart to know her children are swimming with trained lifeguards. It was great to see everyone and to rest up before our last push. We are now packing and tying up loose ends. 10 days before we drive out of here!

Here is Jake at a great jumping off spot in a 3 second video.


Jessica L. said...

Wow!! That was a big jump!

La Frances said...

Jake!!!! You are crazy! but in a really fun kinda way! Wish I could do that with you.
from Miss Penny