Saturday, July 12, 2008

Surprise Day

(Steve and the boys at Wildflower Park)
The day after Father's Day, we headed out to cash in on Steve's "Good for One Surprise Day" coupons from the boys. We blindfolded him and drove him all over town doing boy-picked activities. We hit the park for lunch and baseball, the pool, the passport office, pizza and milkshakes. The boys enjoyed it so much themselves, that they were asking to have the same thing happen to them on their birthdays.
As always, the boys were inspired to make far more coupons than Steve could ever cash in. He has been "couponed" for bike rides, wrestling, water fights, ... you name it. I think he's still trying to whittle down the coupon pile from last year.


Spinneretta said...

super cute kids;)

Cobblestones said...

Great picture!...and super fun day :)