Monday, July 7, 2008

Final Preparations

It's hard to imagine that in under two months we will be loading luggage and four boys in an airplane pointed towards Vienna, Austria. With plane tickets purchased and passports in hand we are now on the home stretch. I can only imagine that, with a myriad of little details to remember, this time will only but accelerate. Our flight leaves from Portland, Oregon on September 3rd and we will be making Guntramsdorf, a small village just south of Vienna, our home for the following three months. During this time we will seek to integrate into a local Austrian church, work in a nearby refugee camp, practice on our German, and enjoy our surroundings. We are grateful for the opportunity to join, for these three months, what God is doing in Austria!


Cobblestones said...

2 months! Woohoo! I can't wait to follow along and watch what God is going to do!! ( said...

Do you happen to have a connecting flight in Charleston? :)

Aurelia said...

I'm glad you guys got a blog. Have a good trip.