Saturday, May 8, 2010


Whenever Si gets hurt, he has a few things which help him.

1) A kiss.

2) Shaking the hurt body part. "No, it okay. I just shake it."

3) A sock.

An unfortunate treadmill accident prompted the need for a sock during breakfast. It made him feel much better!

Jake turned 11 last month. Here's the only picture we ended up taking. I'm so bad at birthday pictures. Every year I lament that I never took a picture of the party guests. Poor Jake ... not the greatest shot. But it does highlight his choice of play clothes and the damage done to the back of the cake by Silas prior to the frosting. It was unable to be repaired.
Jake took a couple friends to a local indoor skate park for his birthday. Steve skateboarded, too, and they had a great time.

Speaking of Daddy ... oh boy ... this makes my heart hurt from happiness:


Wallers said...

Those are some great pics!

Wallers said...

Looking at these again I had to laugh. We have a similar picture of James and a fork. Except his fork was attached to his hand with duct tape. It was one of those nights at the dinner table when the shiny pronged thing beside his plate was just there for looks! HA! I'll have to post it to show you.