Sunday, June 14, 2009


Steve took Jake canoe camping last week as a special trip to mark Jake's tenth birthday. They canoed from Wickiup Reservoir down the Deschutes River, camping one night along the way.

Jake was slightly pleased to have caught himself a fish on Day 1.
Okay, more than slightly. It was a 20-inch brown trout. Not bad. Not bad. Eli made sure to rub it in by double-checking multiple times with Steve about his OWN fishing luck over the two days. Feel free to ask Steve's opinion of fishing. (insert your own mental paragraph break since blogger won't do it for me)
Jake was also delighted to discover that the fish didn't fit in the pan. He said they ate so much that he felt sick. In spite of a few downpours, they had a great time. Our other boys are definitely looking forward to their own special trip when they turn 10.

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Jill said...

Congratulations Jake! You are quite a fisherman. You'll be a wonderful provider someday.

Auntie Jill