Friday, October 3, 2008

Austrian viruses

Having nothing to do with this post ... but we thought you'd enjoy a shot of the boys passed out one night during our trip.

Well, if you're following our life, here goes:

We have had three separate men arrive from Texas on three separate days here at the guesthouse. They are from the church with which we are connected for this time we are spending here in Austria. We had this great plan. Our friend, Chris, arrived just last night and brought one of his children who will be staying with me while all the guys travel. The plan was to leave me in a foreign country with five little boys (don't let Jake hear me say "little").

Earlier this week, all four of mine came down with colds. I thought it was perfect, since only Jake was very sick. The rest of them had it so mildly (and me, too) that I thought for certain we had escaped dire illness while our little seven year old friend, Alan, came to visit.

And then ... last night ... just as I as going to bed, Sammy began crying. And crying. His stomach hurt. And then I spent the entire night in the bathroom with him (insert your favorite word for vomitting). So, after me being up all night with Sammy, the guys all left on the train for Brno ... and I remain behind with these five boys. Everything is going fine, and the guys will be home tonight. But they also leave again on Sunday for four days to Kiev. And so ... you can fill in the blanks on all the fun possibilities.

...drinking much needed coffee ... flavored with delicious French Vanilla Coffeemate sent by Antonia (Alan's mommy and my dear dear friend who is going to find out when she wakes up in a few hours that her son is spending the day with an Austrian virus)


molly said...

Hey Brno is where Jeff spent those 2 weeks when he was in the Czech Republic a couple months ago. Neat place.

You'll do just fine with the boys. Hopefully this virus will be short lived and they'll be on the mend by time the guys leave on Sun. Try and get some cat naps whenever you can to carry you through til bedtime.

Praying for you and the boys....

Summer Conn said...

You are a brave woman!

Anonymous said...

I just caught up on your blog. Good work Brooke. It sounds like it's been a new adventure every day. What an awesome experience for all of you.
I guess for those of us who can't be Euro, we'll do it vicariously through the Vossler's.

God Bless you guys

Glen Schaumloeffel said...

Hey Brooke & Steve,

We have upholding your consistently in prayer on this end. Sounds like this past week was a bit rough, but you always have such a positive spirit. Hang in there.

A list of things you want Fred & I to bring would be helpful. Carol Lechelt was asking.